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PA6 + PET-saamgestelde filamentdraaimasjien


PA6+PET Composite Filament Spinning MachineThis machine is suitable for the production of polyester and polyamide type; co-spinning, center and split thin type; POY composite longfilament of orange petal type or specialized yarn type etc.

■ Adopting two groups of JWM series of screw extruders, with A.C inverter drive and LTM pin screw.

■ Two groups of melt distribution pipelines with static mixer can be connected with continuous CPF.

■ Separately temperature controlled spin beam of two cases with freezing valves, two groups of metering pump driving system and 

■ Top-mounted or bottom-mounted composite spin packs and various composite spinneret.

■ Uniform and stable quenching chamber system.

■ Oil finish spray and driving system.

■ Two groups of uniform and reliable dowtherm heating system.

■ Imported high precision inverter and imported high precision temperature controlling meters with setting, temperature controlling, monitoring and recording functions.

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