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Koniese dubbelskroef-ekstruder FRPP / PVC dubbelwandige geriffelde pypproduksielyn


Performance & Advantages: In order to meet market, Suzhou Jwell based on years of experience, independent research and develop of conical twin-screw extruder series FRPP / PVC DWC pipe line, has the following characteristics:

The overall energy consumption of the production line is low, the conveyor efficiency of the conical twin screw extruder is higher than that of the single screw extruder, and the installed power is less than the single screw extruder;

The powder material can be extrusion directly, use raw material + calcium powder formula, reduce the cost and improve the pipe ring stiffness;

The extruder has a vacuum device to overcome the problem of air bubbles inside and outside the pipe due to the moisture content in the raw material.




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