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EVA Film Ekstrusie lyn

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EVA Film Production Line 

Table of Specification

真空上料装置 Vacuum loader

2.1真空吸料机 Vacuum feeding machine450kg / h
2.2不锈钢料斗 Stainless steel hopper150kg / h

JWS120/35 单螺杆挤出机Single screw extruder
3.1型号 Model
JWS120 / 35
3.2设计转速 Design speed
40r / min
3.3使用材质 Use material
3.4螺杆硬度 Screw hardness≥HV850
3.5机筒硬度 Machine cylinder hardness≥HV940
3.6长径比 L/D
3.7螺杆直径 Screw diameter120mm
3.8机筒加热圈 Barrel heater陶瓷加热 Ceramic heater
3.9加热分区 Heating partitiongebied/ zones 60kw
3.10 机筒冷却系统 Barrel cooling system

3.11 齿轮箱 Gearbox
国产优质 Made in China
3.12 主电机 Main motor
交流电机 AC motor 西门子 Siemens Beide
3.13 驱动功率 Driving power132kw
3.14 调速方式 Mode of speed regulation交流变频器 Inverter FIG

液压换网器 Hydraulic screen exchanger
4.1类型 Type
板式换网器 Plate type screen exchanger
4.2加热方式 Heating method内置式不锈钢加热棒加热 Built-in stainless steel heating rod heating
4.3换网驱动 Net changer
液压驱动 Hydraulic 
4.4冷却方式 Cooling method水冷 Water Cooling

熔体计量泵 Melt Pump

5.1规格 Model
5.2驱动功率 Power
5.3变频控制 Control mode交流变频控制 AC frequency inverter
5.4压力传感器 Pressure sensor泵前采用意大利杰弗伦/德国格拉芙,其他两个采用国产优质品牌

GEFRAN-Italy/Graeff - Germany, Melt pump inlet;
5.5冷却方式 Cooling method水冷 Water Cooling
模具 T-Die

6.1模具品牌 T-Die 

6.2结构 Type
T型模具/ T type
6.3模具宽度  Width of the T die1400mm
6.4制品宽度  Width of the T Product1150mm

流延成型机 Casting unit

7.1辊筒有效宽度 Roller length1500mm
7.2辊直径1#   Diameter of 1# RollerΦ450mm 硅胶辊Φ450mm Silicone Roller
7.3辊直径2#   Diameter of 2# RollerΦ450mm 花纹辊Φ450mm pattern roller
7.4辊直径3#   Diameter of 3# RollerΦ450mm 冷却辊Φ450mm cooling roll
7.5辊直径4/5#   Diameter of 4/5# RollerΦ260mm 冷却辊Φ260mm cooling roll
7.6温差控制 Temperature difference control≤1 ° C
7.7辊面粗糙度 Surface roughnessRa≤0.025um
7.8表面硬度 Surface Hardness of Roller≥HRC58-62
7.9镀铬厚度 Chromium plating≥0.1mm
7.10 三辊间隙调整方式 Gap adjustment between rollers采用液压升降,手动涡轮蜗杆调距 Hydraulic&Screw
7.11 变频控制 Control modeFIG
7.12 形式 Form
平辊结构 Flat roll structure
7.13 照明 Light
7.14 胶辊冷却方式 Rubber roller cooling method零度以下冷冻水 Sub-zero chilled water
7.15 供水要求 Water supply requirements独立水路进出带阀门  Independent waterway In and out with valve

辊温控制器  Roller temperature controller
8.1冷却介质 Cooling medium软化水 Softened water
8.2控制方式 Way to control独立循环 Independent loop

测厚仪 Thickness Gauge

9.1测厚仪品牌 Thickness gauge brand
9.2形式 Form
9.3测量有效宽度 Measuring effective width1500mm

冷却托架 Cooling bracket 

10.1冷却托辊 Cooling rollerΦ100x1500mm
10.2辊面材质 Roll surface material铝辊氧化处理 抛光 Aluminum Rollers,oxidized,polished.
10.3安装方式 Installation method带独立移动支架可与三辊一起移动 With independent mobile stand

切边及分切装置 Edge trimming device

11.1采用滚刀切割 Hob cutting

11.2切边刀 Kotter
11.3主动刀槽辊 Active Slotted RollerΦ60×1500mm硬化处理 hardened

静电消除器Statiese uitskakelaar

12.1形式 Form
双面 Double sided
12.2型号 Model
12.3双头高压电源 Double head high voltage power supplyAP-AY2502

牵引机 Haul-off

13.1规格 Model
13.2形式 Form
2  组式groepe
13.3钢棍数量 Number of steel rods每组牵引一根钢棍 Pull a steel rod per group
13.4压辊 Pressure roller
丁腈橡胶,配套第一组牵引 Nitrile rubber, with first set of traction
13.5控制 Control
13.6边料收卷机 Edge winder

13.7收卷驱动 Winding drive力矩电机 Torque motor
13.8边料收卷直径 Edge winding diameter≤500mm

摩擦中心收卷机Friction Center Winder

14.1收卷形式 Type
摩擦中心收卷机 Friction Center Winder
14.2摩擦辊直径 Friction Roller Diameter450mm × 1500mm
14.3驱动方式 Driver way
servomotor/Servo motor
14.4切断方式 Cut off
自动或手动 Automatic or manual
14.5控制 Control
自动定长计数 Automatic fixed length count
14.6上卷方式 Roll up method手动上卷 Manual winding
14.7卷芯规格 Pneumatic core shaft内芯3英寸  3Inch
14.8最大收卷直径 Winder diameter≤600mm

JWS65边料挤出机JWS65 side material extruder
15.1JWS65边料挤出机 JWS65 side material extruder

15.2边料牵引输送装置 Edge material pulling and conveying device

全套电气控制系统-Electric Control System

16.1电气控制柜 Electrical control cabinet
立柜 Wardrobe
16.2控制系统 Control System
西门子 Siemens
16.3人机操作界面 Human-machine interface
西门子 Siemens
16.4主机变频器 Host inverter
16.5接触器 Contacts

SiemensSiemens /SchneiderCutter 
16.6继电器 Relay

日本和泉/SchneiderIzumi Japan / Schneider
16.7低压断路器 Low voltage breaker
16.8空气开关 Air switch


Application of EVA Film

Long term encapsulation and protection

Once the EVA sheets have been laminated, the ethylene vinyl acetate sheets play an important role in preventing humidity and dirt penetrating the solar panels. Also with the help of the EVA, the solar cells 'are floating' between the glass and backsheet, helping to soften shocks and vibrations and therefore protecting the solar cells and its circuits. [caption id="attachment_1386" align="aligncenter" width="500"]EVA and TPT layer EVA and TPT layer[/caption]

Etileenvinielasetaat (EVA) eiendomme


Quality EVA film is known for its excellent durability, also in difficult weather circumstances, such as high temperature and high humidity.


Under the right circumstances, EVA film will have excellent adhesive bonding to solar glass (NOT standard glass, solar glass has a rough surface). Also EVA bonds very well to the backsheet.


EVA is known for its excellent transparency. This means that the optical transmission is acceptable and doesn't block too much of the sunshine trying to reach the solar cells. Nowadays, several manufacturers in Asia use a transparent backing, which has transparency between the cells as a result. This type of module is known as semi-deursigtig.

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